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My husband and I started with Brighter Image as Sales Representatives to make some extra money. Now I've been able to quit my job and stay home with my children, and we still have enough money to take a vacation every year.

Thanks Brighter Image!

Start Your Own Home Based Business With Brighter Image Teeth Whitening for FREE!!
Our Independent Sales Reps Earn Up To 50%

Hello, my name is Bill Watson, Founder of Brighter Image®, and we’ve have been earning a living from the Professional Teeth Whitening Business since 1997 — I’ve grown Brighter Image® to have the #1 foothold in this industry and I want to continue to expand and grow. I’ve decided the smartest way to continue solid growth is to focus on showing other people to start making money in this business with me as an independent sales reps and to start making real revenue and strong profit by marketing Brighter Image® Professional Teeth Whitening as their own business.

We pay our best Reps a commission rate of $110 per sale, simply because I want you to earn great money and see Brighter Image® as a long term business relationship that you can see yourself working hard to develop as a business with real profit.

Everyday, we’re continually creating, updating, promoting new marketing materials that offer a unique advantage to convert people into actual clients. From Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Door Hangers, Yard Signs to even recording new videos and live online events, employ an expanded curriculum, run weekly video promotions, offer expert audio advice, interactive 24/7 support, and live Q&A sessions. Our visitors' online experience gives them a *must choose us* feeling over any competitors. Serious clients wishing to find affordable professional teeth whitening online find us irresistible.

Every market around the world has people interested in looking their very best and Brighter Image® Professional Teeth Whitening offers just that. - I strongly encourage you to take advantage of our generous commissions and proven market advantage by joining our team as an independent Sales Rep NOW!

Start Your Home Based Business Instantly!
Attract New Customers. Start Making Money Today.

Brighter Image Custom Teeth Whitening System

It’s Simple, Easy and Rewarding!

You Market and Attract clients to Brighter Image® Professional Teeth Whitening and You earn up to 50% commission on each sale.

We do the work – you reap the rewards!

The Brighter Image program lets you do what you do best – focus on finding customers!

We do everything else for you, and we do mean everything!

Teeth Whitening Business Opportunity has minimal setup needs

All you need to get started today is: a home office, Basic marketing plan, business cards, cell phone and marketing flyers to start getting the word out, in no time clients will start calling or placing orders on the internet for you.

Above are visit a few of our existing sites you can go see…

Actively seeking Teeth Whitening Reps in: US, UK, AU, CA, as well as internationally.

Just think about it! Your very own, Professional Teeth Whitening Business with all these benefits:

  • No need to stock inventory – we do that for you! And we ship to your customers under your store name!
  • No phones or email to answer – we handle all customer service!
  • No payments to handle, no credit card fees, no refunds – we take care of that as well!
  • No site maintenance – none! We keep your store up-to-date all the time!

As an Independent Rep of Brighter Image Professional Teeth Whitening, you can easily:

  • Pull real-time, online reports of your sales activity and your commissions
  • Generate an email list and send your own, or a professionally-designed, marketing message
  • Offer store-wide discounts or other promotions
  • Print customized postcards or brochures for traditional, face-to-face marketing
  • Follow our Dealer Blog for the latest tips and trends in marketing that work to make you money
Post cards are an excellent way to bring in new clients.

NO Start-Up fee

    Professional customer service support 8 am to 7 pm CST, Mon - Fri
  • Toll-free numbers for you, and your customers
  • Full commission reporting and weekly payments
  • Professionally-designed marketing materials
  • Dedicated Support Team and On-going marketing tips

And remember:

  • None of your cash is tied in inventory
  • There are no drop-ship fees to pay
  • No credit card processing fees to pay
  • No returns or accounting details to mull over

You can earn up to a cool 50% commission on each sale - and we send you a commission check once a week. For details, check our FAQ section.

Reasons why Brighter Image® is a Market Leader

  • Teeth Whitening is in high demand and easy to sell - Click here to view a recent teeth whitening survey.
  • FREE to Start, and NO Inventory - No Shipping
  • We have a marketing system that works and helps you start making sales your first week.
  • Live sales support 24 hours a day that allows you to make sales even when you’re not available.
  • Live internet website that converts clients for you 24 hours a day.
  • You’ll average almost 50% profit per client
  • Award Winning Marketing and Sales Material

We provide our Independent Reps support in the following areasExample of Teeth Whitening Process

  • How to Market Teeth Whitening to Clients
  • How to Call on Salon and Day Spas
  • How to Develop Daily Retail Sales
  • How to Develop Internet and Online Sales
  • How to Develop a Market Area Independently
  • How to sell a personalized service on the phone or in person
  • - 70% of sales are from clients calling back
  • How to Call On Corp Accounts for volume deals
  • How to Generates Leads and make the phone ring
  • How to work from home and set your own hours
We have marketing materials ready for you to start now – Business  cards, flyers, yard signs, salon displays, counter cards, salon banners, brochures and much more…

We have marketing materials ready for you to start now –
Business cards, flyers, yard signs, salon displays, counter cards, salon banners, brochures and much more…

Our Reps. Start Making Sales Right Away - We provide you support that allows you to develop and market your market – includes how to make sales, product knowledge and all sorts of marketing templates for your business cards, flyers, invoices and brochures. Our Reps start with marketing materials and existing website with sales tracking, this way you’re paid for sales that are made directly online. Getting started is generally quick – because think about it, in most cases you already know who is going to be your first 6 or 12 new clients. Generally our Reps say " my mom and sister are going to buy 2, then 3 people in the building say that they will buy a system and 2 people at the gym".. It’s that easy and all the sudden your making profit.

Our System Makes Our Reps Successful - Working from home – Our Independent Reps Program lets you make real profit. Being a Brighter Image® Rep that sells to Salons and Day Spas, as well as marketing to retail clients online and offline in your community gives you an advantage. Plus, all you have to do is sell your clients and we do the lab work – we help you with your customer support - you make the profit. Think about all the people you know that would love to have whiter teeth and that would rather buy from you than pay a cosmetic dentist.

Our Representatives Make Real Profit - You average 50% + profit for every client you sell. You do the math: just 2 clients per day can generate over $50,000 a year and 4 clients per day can generate over $100,000 a year.

Our Program is Proven - Our 12 year track record of success comes from delivering what appearance-conscious customers want. With more than 300,000 clients 10 countries and 100's of markets, we are the established, most recognized market leader in "Lab Direct Professional Teeth Whitening”. Brighter Image founders developed the “Lab Direct” Teeth Whitening process and our Hi-Intensity Bleaching Gels and Custom Fitted Bleaching Trays that have proven to be unbeatable in long term dramatic professional results. Over the Last 12 years we know what it takes to help you get started off right with support to grow and become successful.

Our Unique Business Formula makes it easier for our Reps to be successful.

Hi-margins - Make about 50% + each client you sell. As a Brighter Image® Dealer you have no money tied up in inventory or credit card processing. Our average client retails for $129 to $ 149 (not including clients reorders for additional bleaching gel.

Hi-Volume - 2 to 4 clients per day generates $50k to $100K in revenue per year. Affordable Professional Teeth Whitening Service is in high demand.

Hi-Cash Flow - Your clients pay you directly upfront in when they receive there systems. Our dealers see their profit at every sale. Daily

No Cost of Inventory and Freedom to Made Deals - As a Brighter Image® Dealer your system cost is about 50% or less and generally retails for $129 to $149. You decide on promotions and where to focus. (Plus you also profits from client reorders for additional bleaching gel.

Amazing Internet Website that Works with 24 Hour Dealer Sales and Support – We have the #1 proven teeth whitening site that’s converted over 300,000 clients online. When client call our toll free lines or orders on the internet in your territory the sales is yours. This allows clients to buy from you anytime.

2 Profit Centers, Retail & Wholesale – Make Money from both retail and wholesale clients. You can sell directly to retail client in your area and also build a list of wholesale accounts in areas such as salons and day spas.

PLUS: This Business is not time or location sensitive! Most all of your clients will call you on your phone to order. You can takes these orders from any location. You get to choose the hours you want to work

Actively seeking Teeth Whitening Reps in: US, UK, AU, CA, as well as internationally.

How do Brighter Image® Dealers make money? - Plain and simple, You make commissions up to 50%. Our dealers Never have to purchase systems or inventory and we handle the shipping to the client and the credit card processing. You market to new clients for an average of $129 to $149 plus future reorders. As a rule you can estimate an average of up to 50% commission sale. (OUR CONFINDENTIAL COMMISION SCALE see below.)

PLUS WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS: Our goal is for our dealers to develop wholesale accounts from local salons and day spas. Building a solid wholesale business creates long term recurring monthly revenue. Salons are a great way to develop a market.

PLUS RECURRING REVENUE FROM BLEACHING GEL REORDERS: From there you also have to consider client reorders for additional maintenance bleaching gel. After the initial bleaching process the client will continue to order additional bleaching gel to maintain the brightest white smile possible. This translates into additional recurring revenue. Our distributors MAKE 50% for each additional syringe of maintenance bleaching gels. The average retail cost to the client is $19.50 to $12.50 per syringe. This cost is still competitive and generally beats the local dentist by about a 70% savings and does not require an additional visit to the dentist office.


Custom Fitted Bleaching Tray with our Lab Direct Process

Custom Fitted Bleaching Tray
with our Lab Direct Process

Brighter Image®- We’ve been a national dental lab since 1997 that was specifically designed to only do professional teeth whitening. With recent technology, we’ve designed a special “Lab Direct” process which allows our dealers to market Brighter Image® Lab Direct Professional Teeth Whitening Services directly to clients with no dental visit. Our system allows consumers the unique advantage to have their teeth professionally whitened without going to a dentist office. Our market advantage is that we’ve made professional teeth whitening affordable, convenient and now easier than ever.

How does the process work? - Our process allows clients to make their own impressions and return the trays directly to our dental lab for processing their custom fitted bleaching trays. This process allows our Dist. to focus more on selling PTW in volume thru a retail Internet site and wholesale accounts. Brighter Image dental lab provides the lab processing service; the clients receive a substantial discount over going to a dentist, and our Dist. to makes a great profit for their efforts. Our Goal is to establish a national chain of successful Brighter Image® Authorized Dist.

Do All Dealers Develop Both Retail and Wholesale? - We do have dealers that work mainly to build just a wholesale business or just retail business without developing the other side. Our system allows the dealer to be successful by focusing on either side or both. That’s one of the real advantages of being home based with low overhead.

We provide you with marketing and sales support that outlines the structure and philosophies contained in the Brighter Image® Marketing System. The basis of your support will cover such topics as:

  • Internet Site with Marketing Strategies
  • Exclusive Selling Features Techniques
  • Developing Wholesale Sub Accounts
  • Marketing and Event Promotions
  • Complete Product Knowledge & Information

    Independent Sales Reps Receive
  • Web Site with order tracking
  • Ready to print marketing material
  • Free Start Up Cost – NO Inventory
  • E-commerce shopping cart and 24 hour order taking
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Continuous assistance

We will begin your support several days before you start marketing. We want you making money as soon as possible, with the best support to assure you the best possible start as a Brighter Image® Professional Teeth Whitening Authorized Dealer.

Our strategy is to put you on top. We can do this by offering you the opportunity to make a compelling profit from marketing a truly sophisticated Professional Teeth Whitening Lab Direct Service as your primary income. As you investigate the Brighter Image® Authorized Distributor Program more, we believe that you will find there is not a better business with more opportunity for a lower start-up cost anywhere! As a Brighter Image® Professional Teeth Whitening Authorized Distributor, you will receive:

Picture of Teeth Whitening Sales Material

What about competition? - This is usually an initial concern for some potential dealers however, by comparison, there are virtually no other companies offering a true Professional Teeth Whitening System, services or support, other than cosmetic dentists. The Brighter Image® Professional Teeth Whitening System is the exact same system used by cosmetic dentists but offered for hundreds of dollars less. Only Brighter Image® is currently making Professional Teeth Whitening Systems available to the non-dental industry. Other typical companies do not possess the professional quality or have a selling and marketing system that comes close to our professional marketing image & web design. This strategy is essential to our ability to convert clients in each market. There is great demand for our service - everyone wants to have his or her brightest whitest teeth ever - and now you can offer it for hundreds less than most cosmetic dentists! This makes most everyone a potential customer. Again, this is why we offer authorized dealers on a restricted basis - to protect our dealers’ profit potential.

No Inventory Is Required

What is the Brighter Image® Business Strategy? - Today’s economy is fast changing and competitive. Our Goal is to stay focused on making profit and keeping overhead cost low is key. The true profits are going to those who have an obsessive focus on profits, value and superior customer service. Putting profit in relation to the business does not make the value or customer service any less important. It just makes sense of why we’re so dedicated to being the best. Our marketing system with Internet sales, support and wholesale development has been specifically designed to challenge the industry standards and our allow our dealers to eliminate every unnecessary obstacle between customers and profits .Our unique lab direct process allow us to deliver true customer service conveniently, consistently and seamlessly. Our strategy is to target and grow business where it’s needed most, retail and wholesale. Developing the most professional image and operating with the lowest possible overhead, this will enable us to stand-alone from even the strongest competitors.

What is the cost of becoming a Brighter Image® Dealer? - The initial cost is FREE! Just sign up and get started now. Your cost is in paying for your marketing materials , i.e. Flyers, business cards, ect.

What is BRIGHTER IMAGE looking for in a Dealer? - It’s important that we choose the most qualified individuals to develop each market area. We look for persons with a strong professional presence and character for both retail and wholesale development. Individuals who demonstrate the ability to be committed, long term, to building relationships with first direct consumers, then local salons, day spas and even sub dealers. Every distributor, in each market, is a reflection of Brighter Image® as a company brand. In short, we are looking for people with strong persistence and the enthusiastic communication skills necessary to build a profitable market. These individuals can capitalize on the real advantages of providing the Brighter Image® Lab Direct Service as the future of professional teeth whitening.

Dealers like Jane Pennington, a mother of 5 that started out of her home with us in 2003 and is still going today.

People are looking for Affordable Professional Teeth Whitening

This ad created
Over 150 calls in a single month…

Almost $30,000 in a single month from
Billboard advertising…

Yearly Sales Potential from a Brighter Image® Authorized Dealer. - Part Time

Weekly Avg Sale
Total Revenue
4 new clients/week
Rep Commission 50%
= Total Revenue
8 new clients/week
Rep Commission 50%
Deluxe System
Executive System

Yearly Sales Potential from a Brighter Image® Authorized Dealer. - Full Time

Weekly Avg Sale
Total Revenue
12 new clients/week
Rep Commission 50%
= Total Revenue
24 new clients/week
Rep Commission 50%
Deluxe System
Executive System

Our primary focus is to select “Premium Dealers.”, who can place an emphasis on the Brighter Image®
Program as a primary profit center for their business. Building both retail sales and wholesale account
As a guideline, we look for Dealers who’s profile suggests their ability to sell 12+ Professional Whitening Systems in 1 week. This projection shows that by selling just 2 to 8 systems per day, our dealers can generate $50,000 to $100,000 in a single year by offering Brighter Image Professional Teeth Whitening to their clients..
Our Goal is to have the fewest number of Dist. in an area that can generate the most possible sales!


High Margin - High profit margin for most every system you sell
High Volume - Our service is in high demand and will save your customers 100’s
High Cash Flow - Every customer pays you in advance, and in some cases they may pay before you receive your inventory
Low Cost Inventory - The cost for inventory is minimal. As a matter of fact, you can sell our service with no inventory on hand at all


System Structured Selling Uniform Production

Qualified Advertising

    Five Keys to Success
  1. Know your Business
  2. Commit to Marketing
  3. Commit to Wholesale
  4. Commit to Follow Up
  5. Percentage Management

Five Keys To Success Selling Teeth Whitening

Timely Scheduling

    Percentage Management
  1. 50% Cost of Goods, Overhead
  2. 10% Advertising/Mkt.
  3. 40% Cost of Business
  4. Leaves a 40% Bottom Line
    Your Biggest Cost is your Time

*This System of Management is designed to check and balance itself.

More Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
That's easy! Simply click on "Order Now," fill out the required information and that's all there is to it!

Do I need any special software to use my Brighter Image web site?
No, We've made it that easy!

What does it cost?
There is NO Start Up cost or monthly maintenance fee paid up front, The only fee we charge is that we do not pay a commission on the first sale as your set up cost. Your account automatically receives commissions from the second sale and then on.

Is that a web hosting fee?
Although we do manage all your tracking and commission reporting on our servers, there is NO fee - this is an exceptional deal for anyone wanting to start there own Home based Business.

    We provide you with:
  • Ready to start marketing platform as your own business
  • A Fully Operational Supported Online Professional Teeth Whitening Business store with automatic updates
  • A secure shopping cart
  • Warehousing and inventory services
  • Order warehousing and order shipping services
  • Accounting services for your sales and commissions
  • Affiliate login pages where you can download marketing tools, order samples, and check real-time reporting on your sales, returns and commissions
  • A fully trained, professional Customer Care department with:
    • Toll free numbers for both you and your customers for questions and returns
    • Email service for your customer questions via
    • Email service to answer your Owner questions

After I register, how long before my store is operational?
Once you completely fill out the registration form and click "Submit," your store is ready and open for business immediately!

How do I market my store?
We strongly suggest that you take the time to develop a marketing plan prior to joining our team. Determine your target audience and how you plan to go about marketing to them, how much you plan to spend, and where you plan to spend it. The Brighter Image system lends itself best to traditional "grassroots" marketing efforts, although you are welcome to market any way you deem best suited for your chosen target audience.

Do you offer any marketing tools?
We offer professionally designed .pdf templates for flyers, brochures, yard signs, business cards, customized internet banners, and other promotional literature to help you promote your business. We also offer sample packs of our best selling products at below wholesale prices, and we keep in contact with you on a regular basis via our e-blasts with new products and suggestions for selling to your customers. You’ll want to login about once a week for new tips and promotions to help market your business! You can access the Marketing Tools in your back office.

What kind of security does Brighter Image offer?
We take the security of both you and your customers seriously. All sensitive information, including credit card information during a purchase, is sent over an encrypted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection, the standard for e-commerce. Just look for the lock icon in your browser when you're completing a purchase. Furthermore, all highly sensitive information on our servers is stored encrypted for an added layer of protection.

What do I name my store?
Well, that's entirely up to you! Your domain name will be followed by your chosen shop name, ie this is the link that was use to track your sales and commissions. We can also register your own Domain of your choice, like example : - –, and so on and then simply direct it to your tracking link so that you get paid for all your sales.

What's in a name?
Actually, quite a bit when it comes to the Internet. We strongly encourage our new Brighter Image Reps to do their due diligence when naming their store. Do some research on your shop name to make sure it is unique on the Internet before you commit to it. After all, this will be the name your customers will search for if they lose track of your URL. Also, please do not consider www. as part of your shop name when entering it in the registration system. The Brighter Image Program will include the "www" extension for you. You will only need to provide the name of your shop.

Can I change my shop name and my URL after registration?
One of the unique things about Brighter Image is your ability to follow your up-to-the-minute purchase records, returns and commission progress from the secure owner login page. The back office functions that allow you this incredible access are tied to the shop name you initially registered. We do not recommend changing your shop name and/or URL, but understand in certain situations this might be necessary. Brighter Image will change your URL and shop name within the first 24 hours after registration at no charge. After that time, there is a $150.00 programming fee for this service each time it is requested. Should you need to make a change, please send an email requesting same to

How do I get paid?
Our accounting department cuts a check for your commissions Friday of each week for sales that are past two weeks old. For details, please “Payments and Fees” here:

What kind of payment will be accepted?
Both you and your customers can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Do you collect sales tax?
Currently, Professional Teeth Whitening is not required to charge a sales tax.

Do you charge Shipping and Handling Fee?
Yes, and Shipping and Handling fees are not considered part of the sale or paid as part of your commissions.

Do you ship Internationally?
Our primary shipping service are to all 50 United States, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, all of Canada, United Kingdom, Australia but we do ship to all international countries. We currently do not guarantee shipping beyond our primary countries.

How do I see the Marketing Tools and how much I've earned?
When you register, you will choose a Username and Password. Please make a note of these, as they will be very important to you when you need to access your Marketing Tools, change your contact details or get information on sales and commissions. To view your secure Owner page, go to, and click on the sales rep link. Type in your username and password and click Enter. You will be taken to your Owner profile page where you can follow the navigational links on the left hand side of the page to all these tools.

How do I get credit for customers who place orders by phone?
Just beneath the phone number at the top right-hand corner of your Web site is a "store code" which uniquely identifies your store, just like your store's URL does. When a customer places an order by phone, they'll be asked for the store code or the URL, so that you get credit for the sale just as if the customer had purchased through your Web site. To see an example of the store code, look in the top right-hand corner of our demo store.

How are returns and exchanges handled?
Customers can simply send an email to or call us at 1-866-619-4483 or internationally at 011.817.207.8200 within 7 days of receiving their order for authorization on a return. We will accept authorized returns within 7 days as long as the items are unused and in the original packaging.

What are typical shipping and delivery times?
Most orders ship within 3 business days from when the order is placed. Product descriptions may provide an estimated ship time. Specialized or Custom orders may require up to 7 days for processing. We use USPS First Class for most shipping within the United States. We've found that USPS provides the best value and reliability for our customers.

Still have a question? Email us at, and we'll be happy to help you.
If not then Join US NOW!

How do I join? It's easy!

  1. Read the Independent Sales Representative Agreement terms and conditions and
  2. Fill out the easy online Application by clicking the Sign Up button below.
  3. When You Click the “Join Program" Button to sign up you will be automatically for approval. After Signing up we'll review your review your application for verified information and that you meet our standards for final approval.

To Your Success,